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About Us

Plus Three is a small private group of Nurseries.   We believe that children need to be and benefit from being treated as individuals.   Children become sociable at a very early age and by two are usually ready to build relationships, play and learn with other young children and with some adults outside their immediate family circle.   Plus Three Nurseries will encourage and build upon this social development in order that the child can make a smooth transition into full time primary education.

Our Aim is to provide an environment where learning is fun and a challenge to the inquisitive and active young child.   Children are taught individually and in small groups to develop their own intellectual, creative, physical and social abilities through stimulation within the classroom and outside.

Each week we plan our activities based on observations made on the individual child.   The aim of this method is to continually plan for the individual child’s next steps of development and learning, based on the three prime areas and then four further specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage of education

Prime Areas – Communication & Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social & Emotional Development.

Specific Areas  –  Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts & Design.

All Plus Three Nurseries are registered with OFSTED for the care of children aged two to five years; and are on the voluntary and compulsory part of The Childcare Register.     We have highly qualified and experienced members of staff in each of our Nurseries and work with high staff to children ratios.

All the Nurseries operate a basic three hour morning session during school term time which can be extended by a half hour Lunch Club. Newell Green & Farley Wood also offer an extended day on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday until 2.45pm. The nursery opening times are shown on the list of Fees and Term Dates. The school academic year is divided into three terms, each with a one-week mid-term break. Plus Three Nurseries will be offering the 30 hours free entitlement from September 2017 for eligible parents and have extended our opening hours.

From the term after a child’s third birthday, all children are entitled to fifteen hours of free nursery education each week for 38 weeks in the year.   Two year old children may be entitled to a free funded place if your household income is less than £16,190.   The Local Education Authority reimburses Plus Three Nurseries at a fixed rate for the free nursery sessions taken up.   

A copy of the current term dates and fees is available.   Fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each term.   The fees structure is reviewed annually and adjusted every April.  

A full half term’s notice is required before the removal of a child; or a full half term’s fees are payable in lieu of notice except during a child’s first two weeks at the nursery (deemed to be a settling in period).  

To place a child’s name on the waiting list, a registration fee of £35 is payable (non-refundable) with the Registration Form. A registration fee is not payable if your child is eligible for the government free entitlement when joining nursery. In this instance a deposit of £35 is payable which will be refunded within 6 weeks of your child joining nursery. Neither a registration fee or deposit are payable for a two year old funded space.

Home visits are made, subject to your agreement, prior to your child starting nursery.

Extracts from our Policy Statements that can be found in our Our Policies page, which is available for inspection at each of the Nurseries.

Admissions and Additional Sessions

Children are accepted into the Nursery from the age of 2 years.  

1. Parents may register their child on the waiting list of one of the nurseries at any time.   Parents will receive confirmation in writing of their child’s registration number which is used as a basis of allocating places.  The registration number will be based upon the date when a child is initially registered.

2. Available spaces in any one of the nurseries will be allocated at least half a term in advance using the following criteria:-

1st - To extend the number of sessions for children already attending the nursery where requested by their parents.   If available spaces are limited older children will be given a priority.  

In categories 2 to 6 below, priority will be given to children living in the area the community hall normally serves, which is:-

for Farley Wood – Binfield Parish south of London Road + Popeswood
for Martin’s Heron – the estates known as Martin’s Heron and The Warren
for Newell Green – Warfield Parish.

If available spaces are limited, the child’s registration number will be used to determine an order of priority in any of the categories below.

2nd - Intake of children with older siblings attending the Nursery to ensure they attend the same sessions.  

3rd - Intake of children cared for by a Registered childminder or family member who already brings other children to the nursery to ensure they all attend the same sessions.  

4th - Intake of children whose older siblings previously attended the Nursery.

5th - Intake of children living or cared for by a Registered childminder or family member in the area that the community hall normally serves.

6th - All other registered applicants.


If parents or carers have concerns relating to the nursery and its staff we positively encourage them to let us know so that the matter can be addressed to their satisfaction.

  1. Parents and/or carers can approach their child’s key person and express their concern verbally and, in the majority of cases, the matter can be resolved immediately and satisfactorily.

  2. If the key person is unable to resolve the matter, she will refer the Parent or Carer to the Nursery Manager who, in the majority of cases, will resolve the matter immediately and satisfactorily.

  3. If the Nursery Manager is unable to resolve the matter, she will contact the Principal for advice, and either the Nursery Manager or the Principal will respond verbally within two working days.

  4. If the Parent or Carer is not satisfied with the response from the Nursery Manager they may formally complain to the Principal:  
Mrs. Suzanne Butler, Principal,
Plus Three Nurseries,
Hope House, 21c Balliol Way, Owlsmoor, Sandhurst GU47 0QN
Mobile: 07970 030769   Email:
  1. All complaints made will be fully investigated within a period of 28 days and a record kept of the complaint, its investigation and outcome.

  2. Any person may at any time, in any form, complain to the LEA Early Years and Childcare Department and/or Ofsted whose details are as follows:-

Karen Frost, 
Early Years  and Childcare Manager,
Bracknell Forest Early Years Team,
Market Street,
Bracknell RG12 1DJ
Telephone 01344 354024

Early Years OFSTED
Complaints Team
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD
Telephone 0300 1231231

  1. Appropriate information from complaints will be available for inspection on request by parents.

  2. All complaints documentation will be kept accessible for inspection by Ofsted.

Term Dates:

Summer 2019 - Tuesday 23rd April - Training Day
Wednesday 24th April - Cleaning Day
1st Half Term - Thursday 25th April - Friday 24th May
2nd Half Term - Monday 3rd June - Friday 19th July
Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May

Autumn 2019 - Wednesday 4th September - INSET Day
1st Half Term - Thursday 5th September - Friday 25th October
2nd Half Term - Monday 4th November - Thursday 19th December

Spring 2020 - Tuesday 7th January - INSET Day
1st Half Term - Wednesday 8th January - Friday 14th February
2nd Half Term - Monday 24th February - Friday 3rd April

Summer 2020 - Monday 20th April - INSET Day
1st Half Term - Tuesday 21st April - Friday 22nd May
2nd Half Term - Monday 1st June - Wednesday 22nd July
Bank Holiday - Monday 4th May

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